Recent Sexual Harassment Suit In Erie

A local Erie PA business recently lost a sexual harassment suit to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and is being ordered to pay $20,000. The EEOC charged a male co-owner of the business with making inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to (or in the presence of) female employees – one of which received more abuse than the others.

Despite complaints from the primary victim, the accused co-owner continued his inappropriate behavior. Eventually, the harassment was so unbearable, the employee had no choice but to quit.

Sexual Harassment Claims & Your Rights

Nobody should have to endure the type of sexual harassment exhibited by this business co-owner, that is sure. By that same token, as PA Defense Attorneys, we do see cases of accusations that prove to be unfounded. However, with the sensitivity of the subject matter and a renewed focus by society to right these wrongs, it can sometimes be an uphill battle for someone who may be falsely accused to convince others of their innocence.

Put A Legal Defense Team On Your Side

It is the EEOC’s duty to enforce federal laws against employment discrimination. As evidenced by this story, they will take action to stop this type of behavior, even if that action involves litigation. You could defend yourself in these matters, but it would not be in your best interest to do so.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Travis Law Firm is comprised of experienced criminal defense attorneys who have represented clients accused of sexual harassment. When you hire The Travis Law Firm we fight diligently to keep your name clean and protect your professional reputation. Make an informed decision about how to proceed by speaking with a defense attorney – we offer a free confidential case evaluation to help you get started right away. Contact us today.