Motorcycle Safety Task Force Meeting in Erie PA

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Motorcycle Safety Task Force Holds Meeting Prior To Upcoming Roar On The Shore Event in Erie PA

Pennsylvania, like the rest of the U.S., is seeing a rise in motorcycle accident injuries and deaths. With one of Pennsylvania’s largest motorcycle events coming very soon, The Roar on The Shore, local biker advocates are taking steps to keep everyone safe. The Motorcycle Safety Task Force held a meeting at Blasco Library to discuss how to keep upcoming events safer.

Who Is The Motorcycle Safety Task Force?

The organizer of the meeting is Steve Weston, who you may recognize as the founder of the Injured Motorcycle Riders Foundation, a local grassroots organization that helps injured riders and their families. Also involved in the task force are members of UPMC Hamot, PennDOT, and PA State Police.

Safety Messages From Police and Bikers

The Motorcycle Safety Task Force was formed this year, and held their first meetings of the season last April. State Troopers joined in to give bikers messages of best safety practices and to offer all riders a chance to improve their riding skills through PennDOT’s Motorcycle Safety Program. The program offers new riders a chance to develop skills essential to safe riding and also offers more experienced riders a chance to fine-tune their skills. Troopers urge motorists to be extra alert for motorcycle riders, and also for bikers to be ultra defensive. Of course, that includes wearing the proper equipment, being aware of your surroundings at all times, and abstaining from alcohol.

From Steve Weston, founder of the Injured Motorcycle Riders Foundation: “As a motorcyclist, I have to ride aware, I have to know what’s going on around me at all times. That’s my first and best line of defense, to having a safe riding season.”

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PA Motorcycle Events Guide | The Travis Law FirmThe Travis Law Firm is so committed to motorcycle riders, we regularly attend biker functions to support their efforts. Most PA Motorcycle Events are fundraisers for a good cause, such as a local charity like the Injured Motorcycle Riders Foundation (IMRF) or national organization, like The Red Cross.

Our law firm works to connect these worthy causes by producing an annual Pennsylvania Motorcycle Events Guide as a valuable resource for bikers in PA and from outside our state.You can view the 2015 PA Motorcycle Events Guide here, or you can get a printed copy at the Erie Harley Davidson Bikefestand the Roar On The Shore events, among others.