MillCreek Nursing Home Facing Legal Action

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PA State Attorney General Files Legal Charges Against Golden Living Center Nursing Home in MillCreek

Several witnesses have come forward in response to the Attorney General's recent filing of a lawsuit against Golden Living Center nursing home, located in Millcreek. The PA Department of Health has stated that Golden Living Center "failed to provide basic care" to residents after inspectors witnessed at least one resident left in a soiled brief for over an hour after pushing the call button to be assisted to the bathroom. Another resident was not bathed for over a week, and more residents displayed bedsores from not being moved regularly. These are all clear signs of nursing home abuse, and elder neglect.

Family Members Seeking Justice

One Erie resident recently spoke to Erie TV News about the last days of his mother, who died less than 20 minutes after being discharged from Golden Living Centers. The story he tells is not easy to hear, as his mother's condition deteriorated quickly once she was admitted to Golden Living. He realizes that punishing the nursing home won't bring his mother back, but it may spare someone else the pain he was forced to endure. Unfortunately, he isn't alone, as others have come forth to tell very similar stories of their loved ones being neglected.

Understaffed Facilities Create Overtasked Care Providers

Former employees have also come forward to express their plight. They mention that there were simply not enough workers for the number of residents they were tasked to monitor. As a result, the employees would feel like they 'could have done more' but there simply wasn't enough time in the day to help everyone. As our society ages, nursing home facilities are becoming more crowded. When a nursing home spreads its employees too thin, it's usually a cost-cutting maneuver aimed at increasing profits.

Local Erie PA Attorneys Helping Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

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