People In Cars Are Not Looking For Motorcycles

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Bikers Beware: People in Cars Are NOT Looking For You

Motorcycle riders have known for a very long time that people driving cars just are not looking for a motorcycle when they merge into traffic, change lanes, or when they turn left across oncoming traffic. Why is this? Because, as we learn to drive, we learn to check our blind spots for CARS. This becomes a habit after time and, when no car is seen, the driver of a car makes a move – often in the path of a motorcycle.

It seems strange that a person would not notice a motorcycle coming towards them, as all motorcycles are required to have their headlight on at all times, but it happens all the time. Drivers are simply looking for a larger vehicle. A police officer and former motorcycle rider commented on a story about a rider that went down in Northampton County recently, here’s what he had to say:

As a former motorcycle rider myself and someone that has investigated many crashes, I can tell you that many bikers crash not due to their own negligence but the negligence of others. There is no doubt that motorcycles do not register in the brains of some drivers sometimes. They literally look right at the bike but don’t see it because their brain is processing for larger objects.

Recent Motorcycle Accidents In Pennsylvania

If you read the local news, you’ll see a motorcycle accident occur quite often during summer months. Reading a bit further, you may notice that a large percentage of these are the fault of the person in the car, not the motorcycle rider. Sure, there are a few stories about a rider who failed to negotiate a curve and laid down his/her bike, but far more riders are injured by colliding with a passenger vehicle.

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Help for Injured PA Motorcycle Riders

If you or a loved one is unfortunate enough to be injured in a motorcycle accident, the primary concern you should have is seeking medical attention immediately. Keep copies of all documentation, including any police reports or hospital bills, as you may be able to be reimbursed for them later. Without the proper documentation, it can be more troublesome to recover damages (payments) for your losses.

More About What To Do At The Scene Of A Motorcycle Accident

A Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Near You

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