Workplace Violence In The News

Unfortunately, many serious issues are not addressed until something catastrophic occurs, as is the case with the recent killing of a field reporter and her cameraman in Roanoake, VA. In light of what happened there, workplace violence is on everyone’s mind.

Workplace Violence The Second Leading Killer

The most common cause of death to employees is motor vehicle accidents. Coming in second, is workplace violence. In 2013, over 400 people were murdered and 26,000 people were injured in the workplace, according to the American Federation of Labor.

How Do We Avoid Workplace Violence So This Doesn’t Happen Again?

First, realize that the shooting in Roanoake is an isolated case, and not all that common. The accused shooter targeted very specific people for acts that would seem minor to the average citizen. He filed several lawsuits against the station, mentioning being slighted by the victims. Revenge shootings like this one are not the norm in a workplace violence situation.

Employers are scrambling to develop a Workplace Violence Program, but there is little direction in place. There are currently no federal guidelines, and the OSHA website simply suggests that employers implement a prevention plan in their existing injury and illness prevention programs, but give very little light on exactly what that entails.

UPDATE: OSHA Releases Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence

If You Suspect A Potential For Retaliation, Report It

Experts agree, if an employee notices anything that may lead to a coworker becoming violent, they should report it. Warning signs could include (but are not limited to), sadness, rage, anger, or any verbal threats, especially towards supervisors. Reporting these signals could prevent an act of workplace violence from happening. If there is no other method in place for reporting these instances, OSHA urges you to report the dangerous situation directly to them by calling 1-800-321-6742.

What If I Am Being Accused Of A Crime In The Workplace?

Unfortunately, we meet people all the time who have been accused of a wrongdoing at work. Innocent people are blamed for theft, sexual harassment, or assault all the time. The worst part is, the accused has to PROVE their innocence, and show that the accuser is lying or exaggerating the facts based upon misperceptions. We understand that, not only are you being investigated, but your reputation is being questioned, both personal and professional. We know your every move is being scrutinized, and we can help. This situation should not be taken lightly, you will need to talk to a criminal defense lawyer to keep your name and your record clean.

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorneys for Wrongful Accusations In The Workplace

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