Ohio Robber Linked to Multiple Crimes in Erie Area

Erie PA Defense Attorney

A man suspected of robbing an Aldi’s in Ashtabula Township, Ohio on Saturday, December 5 has also been linked to three robberies in the Erie area. These robberies include a McDonalds in Summit Township, and stores in Erie and Fairview Township. Overall crime statistics indicate that Erie is relatively safer than 16% of US cities with a violent crime comparison of 4.57 out of 1000 people vs 3.35 for the state and the national median of 3.8.

Looking at crimes per square mile, Erie sits at 194 versus Pennsylvania at 58 and a national median of 37.9. Being accused of robbery is a serious issue that warrants the insight of an experienced Erie criminal defense attorney.

What to Do If You’re Charged With Robbery in Erie

Even though you may believe yourself to be innocent or that the prosecution has inadequate evidence against you, you need to consult with an experienced defense attorney so as to protect your rights in full. It can be a big mistake to downplay the potential implications of robbery or theft charges.

Many individuals feel blindsided by a robbery charge and may not realize the serious implications that a conviction has for their life. This is why it is critical to get help from an attorney sooner rather than later. Speaking to the police immediately after being accused of a robbery may be your first instinct, but it can also be very costly.

Should I Speak to the Police After Being Accused of Robbery in Erie?

Even with the best of intentions, however, consulting with the police and answering their questions can actually do more harm than good. Having advice from a knowledgeable defense attorney during this time can be invaluable. Police officers are trained to get as much information from you as possible during a questioning situation which can lead to you making mistakes or giving them evidence or details that are unnecessary. Having your Erie criminal defense attorney at your side advising you about what to say, if anything at all, can be extremely beneficial during this time. Get your free, confidential legal consultation today to make an informed decision.