Why Are Bedsores an Indicator of Nursing Home Abuse?

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Bedsores A Sign of Neglect

There are many different signs of nursing home abuse in Pennsylvania, and as a loved one of an elderly individual, you need to take all signals very seriously. You being sharp about potential abuse or neglect issues could protect your loved one from being injured, and it might also discourage treatment of other residents that borders on breaking the law.

Bedsores are one of the leading causes of neglect or abuse in a nursing home. They indicate that the person has not been properly moved in a long time, which could mean that the nursing home is understaffed or simply not giving your loved one enough attention and time. Bedsores can lead to other medical concerns for elderly people, which is why you should always report concerns of this issue to the staff at the facility. If they do not take acceptable action, you should definitely speak to an injury lawyer who handles nursing home abuse cases.

Bedsores Can Be Serious If Not Treated

With elderly individuals in a nursing home, any small infection or medical problem could last for days or weeks because it takes their body a long time to heal. It can also make them more susceptible to other forms of illness or it can aggravate an existing condition. If your loved one is showing symptoms of bed sores, you may have discovered some clues that he or she is not being treated with the proper dignity and respect in the nursing home.

With proper care, bedsores are preventable. A staff member should be following clear care guidelines to eliminate bedsores from happening. If a bedsore begins to form, your loved one should be receiving extra attention to minimize the impact of this medical concern. Consistent bedsores can be a signal that your loved one is being completely ignored or that the staff at the facility do not care.

Erie Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

If your loved one is being mistreated at a nursing home in Pennsylvania, you may have the grounds for filing a nursing home abuse claim through an injury lawyer at The Travis Law Firm. We serve all of Northwestern Pennsylvania from our offices in Erie, Edinboro, and Warren. If your loved one shows signs of nursing home abuse or elder neglect, we offer a free confidential consultation to explain their rights and to give them the information they need at this trying time. Get your free consultation today.