Tips for Navigating a Charge of Underage Drinking in Edinboro

Defense Lawyer for Underage Drinking

When you are charged with underage drinking, this is a problem that could continue to follow you for years to come. Understanding how to handle this situation can be critically important. Read on to learn more about some of the most important tips that you should follow when accused of underage DUI.

Stay Calm When Interacting with the Police

Arguing with the police officer will only cause a bad situation to get worse and it can make it more difficult for you to resolve the case through your Edinboro criminal defense attorney at a later date. Stay polite and bear in mind that you do not have to speak openly to the officer, as things you say could (and probably will) be held against you. Do not lie to the officer, but don’t admit to more than you need to either.

Contact a Defense Attorney as Soon As Possible

Having an Edinboro criminal defense attorney help you with your case as soon as possible can make a big impact on the outcome. As soon as you have been cited for underage drinking, you need to contact a qualified criminal defense attorney. An experienced criminal defense attorney from The Travis Law Firm can help you work through the local court system and negotiate any possible deals with the prosecutor to reduce your penalties, shorten your sentence, or possibly get your charges dismissed.

Underage Drinking Charges are Serious

You may not think an underage drinking charge is all that bad, but if convicted, this charge will stay on your permanent record. This will show up on background checks by future employers. This will also show up when you apply to another university. Avoiding this conviction can be as easy as hiring the best defense lawyer.

If You Do Go To Court, Have a Professional Appearance

For any hearings before a magistrate or a district judge, be prepared to look professional. No sneakers, jeans, t-shirts or flip-flops. Always appear professionally in front of the judge, because this could make a difference if he or she is on the fence about whether or not to give you a break for an underage drinking charge.

Arrested Or Charged With Underage Drinking? Talk To A Defense Lawyer Today!

If you are arrested or charged with underage drinking, it is imperative to speak to a defense lawyer as soon as possible. Anything you say to an attorney is confidential, anything you say to the police can (and will) be held against you. Schedule your free, confidential consultation today with an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm.