Millcreek Community Hospital Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Millcreek Community Hospital Sexual Misconduct

Investigators have learned that at least two girls in their teens have had sexual contact with Millcreek Community Hospital employees. The girls were both in the hospital’s Behavioral Care unit in 2015. There were separate incidents, and Millcreek Township police have an investigation under way.

Why Millcreek Community Hospital May Be Held Responsible

The Millcreek Community Hospital could be facing a lawsuit for negligence. Hospitals should be setting rules and procedures for its’ employees to follow in order to safeguard patients.  This includes rules to protect employees from sexual predators.

It is possible that the employees who acted inappropriately may not have been trained properly or supervised according to hospital policies. If the hospital failed to enforce their own policies, they too can be held liable in this case. If the inappropriate sexual contact(s) were reported to hospital staff, and nothing was done, the hospital could face even more charges.

Employees of Millcreek Community Hospital made sexual advances at me, What Do I Do?

If you were treated inappropriately at Millcreek Community Hospital, or any other facility, it would be in your best interest to speak to a local injury lawyer who knows Pennsylvania laws inside and out. Attorney Grant Travis has been helping the good people of Erie for more than 20 years get the justice they deserve. Schedule a confidential free consultation with an injury attorney at The Travis Law Firm to discuss your legal rights today & make an informed decision about your future.