The Dangers of Holiday Fatigued Driving

Most people assume that the most serious danger on the roads during the holidays is drunk drivers. However, impaired drivers are not the only danger on our roads this holiday season. Fatigued drivers can cause a car accident just as quickly as a drunk driver. With more people on the roads because of the holidays and as more people forego sleep to finish shopping, run errands, decorate, prepare for final exams, and enjoy holidays parties, the risk of fatigued driving accidents increase.

How Dangerous Are Fatigued Drivers

Several studies show that fatigued drivers are as impaired as some drunk drivers. When we are tired or sleepy, our ability to react quickly to a situation is impaired. Furthermore, our ability to make good decisions is impaired. As a form of distracted driving, fatigued driving can be more dangerous than texting while driving or talking on a cell phone while driving.

Many distracted driving actions can be controlled.  For example, you can turn off your cell phone, pull over to adjust vehicle controls, and limit eating and drinking to when you are not driving. However, if you are fatigued, you may not be able to control falling asleep.

Once your body becomes tired, you will fall asleep despite your best intentions. Rolling down the car window, playing loud music, and turning up the air condition have the same impact on a fatigued driver these actions do on a drunk driver — little to none. As with drunk driving, the only way you can avoid a fatigued driving accident is to take steps to prevent the risk BEFORE you get behind the wheel.

Ways You Can Avoid A Fatigued Driving Accident During The Holidays

As you enjoy the holiday season, keep in mind you need to take steps to ensure you do not drive while fatigued or sleepy. These tips can help you avoid fatigued driving:

  • Get plenty of rest each night, especially if you are leaving on a road trip. If you plan to drive during the night hours, take a nap in the afternoon before you leave.
  • Take frequent breaks. Get out of the vehicle, stretch, and get something to drink.
  • Switch drivers when traveling long distances. Sharing the driving responsibilities can reduce the risk of being in a fatigued accident.
  • Avoid listening to books on tape or music that may lull you to sleep.
  • Do not eat heavy meals or foods that make you tired before you drive.
  • Never drink alcohol and drive

Remember, fatigued driving accidents can happen on any road; however, driving on long stretches of interstates or highways can lull you to sleep, especially when there is little to no traffic. Even if you are not tired, take breaks to rest your eyes and revive yourself before continuing your trip.

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