Could You Pass A Driving Test Wearing A Drunk Suit?

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Underage drinking is a serious problem in the United States. From high schools to college campuses, young people are drinking alcohol and getting into trouble. One program is working to educate teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving by showing them what it feels like to drive while drunk.

The Drunk Suit

No, teens aren’t being allowed to drink and drive, but they are being given a chance to feel what it is like to drive while drunk thanks to the drunk suit and beer goggles. Ford Driving Skills for Life holds events in several states (hopefully they will expand to all states) that give teens the opportunity to put on the suit and goggles to see what it feels like to try to drive when they are drunk. It is a very eye-opening experience for many young people — it certainly was for Jeff Rossen of The Today Show.

In a recent story for the show, Rossen tried the drunk suit and beer goggles. He failed the field sobriety test even though he says he was trying as hard as he could to walk a straight line. The same was true when he had to try to kick over an orange cone. Even more revealing was when he got behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Before Rossen put on the suit and goggles, he made it through the driving course without touching one cone. However, after putting on the drunk suit and beer goggles, Rossen was unable to maneuver through the course without running over the cones.

Erie Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Not all students experience the drunk driving course. Their first experience with drunk driving is when they have had too much at a party, and they decide they can make it home. Unfortunately, it is easy to make a bad decision when you are intoxicated. A night out with your friends can quickly turn into a nightmare that ruins your college education, family, or career.

However, you don’t have to let a drunk driving charge ruin your life. There are options! Our Erie drunk driving attorney has successfully defended individuals against DUI charges. You must remember that being charged with driving under the influence is NOT the same as being found guilty of drunk driving. The police and the prosecution must present evidence sufficient to prove you were legally drunk or alcohol impaired your ability to drive.

In some cases, the police officer may not have had probable cause for pulling you over. If so, all evidence can be thrown out. In other cases, the police officer may not have been properly trained in administering a breathalyzer test, or he may not have provided adequate or correct instructions for the field sobriety tests. Until you consult with an Erie drunk driving defense attorney, you won’t know if you have a valid legal defense to the criminal charges.

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