What Are The Biggest Dangers To Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun experience, but it also comes with an increased risk of a traffic accident and injury. Unfortunately, many of the dangers faced by motorcyclists are from other drivers. They simply don’t watch for motorcyclists. However, other drivers are not the only dangers riders face when they are on the road. To decrease your risk for a serious motorcycle accident, it’s important to be aware of the dangers that a motorcycle rider faces when they are out on the road with other vehicles.

  1. Other Traffic : Traffic coming from the other direction as well as vehicles that are approaching from behind can cause serious crashes that result in major injuries for a bike rider. It’s important to pay attention to everyone around you. Remember, other drivers are not looking for you, even though they should, so it’s your responsibility to remain alert and watch for them.
  2. Abrupt Stops : It’s easier for a bike to stop quickly than for a larger vehicle, which means that a stop with no warning could lead to being hit from behind. A fast stop can also cause the rider to be thrown from the bike. Avoid following too closely and avoid distractions to decrease the number of times you have to come to an abrupt stop.
  3. Speeding in Turns : A motorcycle rider who takes turns at high speeds is at risk for an accident. They may lose control of the bike by being too aggressive. Even experienced riders can crash when trying to make corners and turns at a high rate of speed.
  4. Gravel : Gravel causes the bike’s tires to lose their grip on the road, especially when taking a turn. It’s important to slow down on gravel or when you see gravel on a paved road.
  5. Turning Vehicles : Driving through an intersection can be hazardous, especially when other vehicles are waiting to make a left turn. A driver in a car may think they can beat the motorcycle or just not see the motorcycle. Always assume a car may turn in front of you and be prepared to stop.
  6. Changing Lanes : Drivers often fail to notice other cars in their mirrors when they switch lanes, causing an increased risk of an accident. This situation is even more dangerous for a motorcycle which is smaller and harder to see in a side view mirror.
  7. Open Car Doors : A person may park on a city street and open their car door into traffic. A motorcycle rider can slam into the door, causing injury to themselves even on city streets at slower speeds. Watch for parked cars as you drive.
  8. Bad Weather : Bad weather is dangerous for any driver, but more so for a motorcycle rider. Water can make visibility poor while rain and snow can cause slick pavement.

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