What is ‘Wet’ Reckless Driving in Pennsylvania?

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Most drivers have heard of reckless driving; however, some drivers don’t believe that reckless driving is a serious offense. The penalties for a reckless driving conviction can be serious. If you are intoxicated at the time of your arrest, you can be charged with ‘wet’ reckless driving. Is there a difference? Should you accept a wet reckless driving charge instead of a DUI charge? These are some of the questions that clients ask when they contact my office. Below is a brief summary of what I tell my clients when they come in for their consultation.

Reckless Driving in Pennsylvania

Under Pennsylvania law, a driver can be charged with reckless driving when the driver operates a vehicle in “willful or wanton disregard” for the safety of other people or property. The statute is intended to punish drivers who place other people in jeopardy because of the way they are driving. Examples of reckless driving include drag racing, driving the wrong way, and excessive speed.

Penalties for reckless driving includes a minimum fine of $200, points on your driver’s license, up to 90 days in jail, and suspension of your license for six months. In addition, if you cause an injury, the minimum fine is increased to $1,000. For a reckless charge resulting in death, the fine increases to $25,000 and minimum jail time can be up to 12 months.

Wet Reckless Driving in Pennsylvania

If you are impaired by alcohol at the time of your traffic stop, you can be charged with wet reckless driving. An alcohol-related reckless driving charge carries the same penalties as a reckless driving conviction with one addition. If convicted of a wet reckless driving, you must complete an alcohol education or treatment plan.

Wet Reckless Driving vs. DUI Charges

If you have the opportunity to accept the lesser charge of wet reckless driving, you should discuss the matter with your Edinboro DUI attorney. Pleading guilty to a wet reckless driving charge usually carries less severe penalties than a normal DUI charge. However, there are many factors that a prosecutor will consider before agreeing to accept a plea to wet reckless driving instead o f a DUI charge.

As with all DUI charges, you must take a wet reckless driving charge seriously. The penalties can restrict your ability to get to school or work. You can fact increased insurance rates and be required to complete alcohol treatment plans. Hiring an experienced Edinboro DUI attorney is your first step in protecting your legal rights. Remember, any criminal charge is not a conviction. You should discuss your situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney before accepting any plea.

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