Wireless Brake Lights for Motorcycle Helmets

One of the biggest dangers for motorcycle riders is not being seen by other drivers. With the increased number of distracted driving accidents across Pennsylvania, riding a motorcycle, evening during daylight hours, can be dangerous. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do to make motorists pay more attention when driving, but there are things we can do as motorcyclists to try to make ourselves more visible when riding to decrease the risk of being hit by another motorist. One of the current trends is smart brake lights that attach to motorcycle helmets.

Improving Visibility with Attachable Brake Lights

There are a variety of wireless helmet brake lights available on the market today.  The great news is the technology used to create these devices is improving each day.

One of the biggest problems we have when riding is slowing down using engine braking instead of our brakes.  Downshifting can be dangerous because your brake lights don’t come on to alert the driver behind you that you are slowing down. Additions such as Vololights can help warn motorists you are slowing down regardless of whether you are using your brake levers, engine breaking, or downshifting. However, helmet brake lights are becoming more popular with some riders because these lights are at eye level for other drivers and may be more visible.

Several startup companies are rushing to market helmet brake lights that work much like Vololights, but these brake lights attach to the rider’s helmet. Cosmo Connected and BrakeFree are two companies working to put these devices on the market.

As more companies work to help make it safer for motorcyclists to enjoy riding, hopefully, we will see new and innovative items come onto the market. Until then, riders need to always be aware of the dangers posed by other drivers.

Have You Been Injured in a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident?

A careless and distracted driver can change your life in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, riders have virtually no protection in a collision with a car or truck. Often the rider takes the full impact of a collision, especially a rear-end motorcycle accident. Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be traumatic and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. Even a minor injury can put you out of work for months, especially if you need surgery and prolong physical therapy to recover from your injuries.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you have the right to recover compensation from the driver who caused the accident.  However, fighting an insurance company can be frustrating and stressful when you are trying to recover from injuries. Insurance adjusters can put undue pressure on victims to settle cases too early before the victims are able to understand the full extent of their injuries and damages.

Our Erie motorcycle accident attorneys want to help you recover the maximum compensation available in your case. We stand with you to protect your legal rights. We will take up the fight for you so that you can focus on your health and your recovery.

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