Post-Storm Road Hazards in Pennsylvania

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Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas leaving a path of devastation in its wake. However, some of the worst damage and the most dangerous conditions were caused by flooding. Flooding and storm debris made it impossible for residents and rescue workers to traverse city streets in Houston.

While we do not see the impact of a hurricane in our area, we do have storms that can cause severe damage. When a storm causes damage, it can create road hazards that increase the risk of injury or traffic accidents. Avoiding these road hazards can help you decrease your chance of a traffic accident after a severe storm.

Dangerous Road Hazards After a Storm

Flooded roads are one of the most common dangers after a strong thunderstorm.  Flash floods can quickly and unexpectedly wash out roads causing dangerous situations for motorists. When you approach standing water or rushing water across a road, it is best to turn around and found another route. It is impossible to know how deep the water is until you are in the middle of it. By this time, your vehicle can become stranded and begin filling up with water or you could lose control of your vehicle.

Another road hazard after a storm is fallen branches, trees, and other debris.  Wind can cause branches to break and cover the road. Trees can be uprooted or crack and block the road. At the very least, a strong storm can cause leaves and other small debris to litter the road creating a sliding hazard. If you are driving during a storm or right after a violent storm, watch for downed trees, fallen branches, and other debris. Slow down to allow yourself additional time to stop or evade road debris from the storm.

Downed power or utility lines are another danger that you must watch for after a storm. Never assume that a power line is “dead” and safe to drive over.  Even if the line is not “live,” the line can become tangled in your vehicle causing a crash. Furthermore, you do not know when the power company could return power to that area. Always avoid downed power and utility lines whenever possible.

Traffic lights that are not functioning because of a power outage or damage from the storm can create a dangerous intersection. Some drivers do not understand how to treat an intersection where a traffic light is malfunctioning. Slow down and look for oncoming traffic even if you have the right of way.

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