Do You Wish You Could Turn Back Time?

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If you have never been involved in a traffic accident, you may be overwhelmed by the aftermath of the accident. Who pays your medical bills? How do you get your vehicle repaired? What happens if you need to be out of work? There are so many questions that it is easy to become stressed and anxious. It is also easy to become confused.

The steps you take after a traffic collision can have a significant impact on your settlement proceeds. Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time and re-do the steps we took after an accident. You can do something now — you can contact our Erie accident attorney for help. We will evaluate your case for free and provide our legal opinion regarding your options for recovering the maximum compensation available for your injury claim.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The following list of steps may help you if you are involved in another accident or a friend or relative is injured in a traffic accident:

  • Call the Police and EMS — It is important to report an accident so that you have an official record of the collision, regardless of the severity of your injuries or the damage to your vehicle. If anyone is injured and requires immediate assistance, ask for EMS too.
  • Document the Accident Scene — If you can safely exit your vehicle and move around, take photographs of the entire accident scene. Also, ask for the contact information for any eyewitnesses who are Some witnesses may leave before a police officer arrives. Documenting the scene exactly how it was at the time of the crash can help prove fault later in your case.
  • Don’t Say “I’m Sorry” — You never want to admit fault even if you think you could be partially at fault. Saying “I’m sorry” can be construed as an admission of fault. Avoid discussing the accident with anyone other than the police officer. Tell the officer the truth exactly how you remember it but do not add anything about your belief you are at fault. The officer will determine what happened from his conversations with everyone at the scene and the physical evidence at the scene.
  • See Your Doctor — If you did not go to the emergency room, see your family doctor right away. It is important that you do not delay medical treatment. The insurance company will use a delay in treatment to claim you are not seriously injured or you made your injury worse by not seeking treatment.
  • Avoid Using Social Media! This is a newer warning because some defense attorneys are beginning to search social media accounts for information about accident victims. In some cases, the court may allow a defense attorney to access your accounts. Until you meet with our attorney, avoid using social media.
  • Document Everything — From your medical expenses and lost wages to your daily pain level and conversations with doctors and others, you need to document everything that occurs because of the accident. Keep copies of receipts and bills to help prove financial damages. Keep detailed notes about your recovery for your attorney to use when preparing an argument for pain and suffering (non-economic) damages.
  • Do Not Sign Anything for the Other Party — The insurance adjuster or the insurance company’s attorney may ask you to provide a statement or sign a medical release. It is not in your best interest to do this until you speak with an attorney. Something you say or sign could hurt your chance of recovering full compensation for your injuries.

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