Are You Going Black Friday Shopping in Erie, PA?

Many people take advantage of the great deals advertised on Black Friday to finish their holiday shopping. However, this means that traffic will be heavier on Black Friday, especially around shopping centers, malls, and popular stores. If you plan to be out on Black Friday, you need to take extra precautions to avoid a car accident or pedestrian accident.

One of the best ways to avoid a traffic accident is to pay close attention to the road and traffic ahead of you. You know that you may run into traffic jams; therefore, be prepared to be patient. Leaving earlier than normal can reduce your desire to speed or drive aggressively to get to your destination on time.

Be very cautious and look for pedestrians when driving on Black Friday. Also, be very cautious if you encounter an aggressive driver. It is simply not worth getting into a conflict with an aggressive driver. Slow down and move out of the way to let the aggressive driver pass and move out of your path.

Parking Lot Accidents on Black Friday

The risk of a parking lot accident can increase on Black Friday because of the number of vehicles and pedestrians in parking lots. In some areas, parking lots are filled beyond capacity with drivers circling the lots as they wait for a vehicle to leave. Some people will park on curbs, sidewalks, and other areas that are not meant for vehicles.

Safety tips for parking lots on Black Friday include:

  • As you are walking to and from your vehicle, be aware of the vehicles around you. Make eye contact with drivers before stepping into the path of vehicles to cross the parking lot.
  • Always hold hands with children when walking in a parking lot.
  • Never fight over a parking space. A parking space is not worth a physical confrontation with an angry or unreasonable person.
  • When backing out of a parking space, look around several times to ensure there are no vehicles or pedestrians in your path. Back out very slowly and listen intently to any warnings. Turn off the radio and roll down your window when backing out to help you hear any warnings.
  • Drive very slowly when entering and driving in a parking lot. Be prepared to stop suddenly for other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Avoid all distractions when driving in a parking lot. You must remain alert and focused to avoid an accident.
  • If you are parking in a parking garage, make sure you pay close attention to and follow all directional signs to avoid a collision. Only park in designated parking spots sufficient enough for the size of your vehicle.
  • When possible, pull through spaces so that you can pull forward instead of backing out of a parking space. If possible, back into spaces to avoid backing out.

Call an Erie Accident Attorney for Help

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