What to Do If My Child is Arrested for a Crime?

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Has your child been accused of a crime in Pennsylvania? If so, you must take the matter very seriously, regardless of how ‘minor’ the charge. It is a mistake to consider any criminal charge ‘minor’ because all criminal convictions carry some consequence for your child. It is also a mistake to assume a judge or jury will go lightly on your child because he or she is under 18 years of age. While most courts want to see children rehabilitated rather than imprisoned, your child could still face jail time and other severe penalties depending on the crime.

We urge you to contact our office for a free legal consultation as soon as possible. Our Erie criminal defense attorney wants to hear your child’s side of the story. We care about what happened, and we want to help you and your child achieve the most positive outcome possible given the facts of the case.

Why Do You Need an Erie Criminal Defense Attorney?

First, you need the advice of an attorney to protect your child’s legal rights while fighting the criminal charges. The police nor the prosecutor will tell you if your child’s legal rights have been violated. The prosecutor will not tell you if the case against your child is weak either. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to investigate the case to determine the best course of action for your child’s defense. Our lawyers will look into the circumstances leading up to the arrest, the arrest itself, and the evidence against your child so that we can provide the best advice about how to proceed.

If your child is guilty and a conviction seems likely, our attorneys can help you negotiate a plea deal that is in the best interest of your child. A deal offered by a prosecutor may not be the best thing for your child. You need an attorney to review the case before agreeing to any deal with the prosecutor.

What Should I Do If My Child is Arrested?

If your child is arrested, remember:

  • Do not allow your child to answer questions until you consult an attorney. Your child has the same rights as any other person arrested; therefore, exercise those rights. The police may tell you that if you talk to them, they might be able to straighten the matter out for your child. This may just be an attempt to gain more evidence against your child. Call us immediately if your child is arrested!
  • Write everything down. Keep detailed notes about what happened immediately before and after the arrest. Write down the names and badge numbers of every officer you speak with, the date and time of the conversation, and the details of the conversation. Do this for the entire time the case is pending.
  • Make sure you understand the process. If you have never encountered the criminal judicial system, it can be overwhelming. Working with an attorney can help you understand the process and avoid mistakes.
  • Time is crucial. Call our office immediately to speak with a criminal defense lawyer to determine how to help your child. One or more deadlines may apply in your child’s case that you do not want to miss.
  • Try to remain calm. Even though you may be terrified, your child needs a strong, calm presence because your child is terrified too. Even though it is difficult, remain calm and call an attorney.

Erie, PA Criminal Defense Attorneys for Minors

If your child has been arrested or is being investigated, don’t delay in contacting our office. You and your child needs help now!

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