Avoid Alcohol-Related Criminal Charges on St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day 2018 is on Saturday, which means a lot of people will not need to worry about getting up to go to work the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Therefore, many people in Erie and Edinboro will be celebrating the holiday with alcohol. Sadly, some people will face serious criminal charges on Monday because they celebrated a bit too much over the holiday weekend. Below are several of the alcohol-related criminal charges that you could be facing if you are not cautious this weekend.

  • Public Drunkenness – This criminal charge may not sound as serious as other charges; however, it is punishable by up to 90 days in jail. In addition, you could face a fine of up to $1,000 for subsequent offenses, and you will have a criminal record. Public drunkenness is defined as being “manifestly under the influence” in a public place to the degree where you could endanger yourself, other people, or property or you annoy people in the vicinity.
  • DUI Offenses — Law enforcement officers will be out in full force this weekend watching for drunk drivers leaving St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. DUI convictions carry severe penalties in Pennsylvania. Do not allow a DUI charge to ruin your life. Before you celebrate this weekend, you need to make sure you have another way to get home other than driving under the influence.
  • Underage Drinking Offenses — This criminal offense is a common criminal offense on and near Pennsylvania college campuses. Charges you could face include underage DUI, consumption of alcohol while underage, possession of alcohol by a minor; and, purchasing alcohol while underage. Young adults should keep in mind that Pennsylvania has a zero-tolerance policy for underage DUIs, meaning the slightest trace of alcohol can result in a DUI charge. In addition, adults who supply alcohol to minors face serious criminal charges and penalties.
  • Open Container Charges — Drivers and passengers need to remember that they can be charged with a crime for open containers of alcohol in the vehicle even if they are not drunk. In addition, possession of an open container on the street is also illegal in Pennsylvania.

What Should You Do If You Are Arrested on St. Patrick’s Day?

If you are arrested for an alcohol-related crime or any criminal offense over the holiday weekend, it is best to contact our office as soon as possible. The officers or the prosecutors may try to convince it is in your best interest to work with them to settle the matter without involving an attorney. This is not the case. Their job is to gain a conviction, not to advise you of your legal rights and legal defenses to the criminal charges. You need an Erie criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights and fight for a fair and just outcome in your case.

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