Can I Lose My Gun Rights if I Am Arrested in Pennsylvania?

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Many people fear that they will lose their guns if they are arrested in Pennsylvania. Committing some crimes in Pennsylvania can result in losing your gun rights. Therefore, securing an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Erie as quickly as possible is important. Your attorney can fight to have the charges dismissed or reduced to a lower charge that may not impact your gun rights. We urge you to call (800) 401-2066 immediately to speak with our Erie criminal defense attorney. Exercise all your constitutional rights by refusing to answer questions without an attorney.

How Can I Lose My Firearms in Pennsylvania?

In most cases, if the crime you commit is a violent offense, you can lose your gun rights. Violent crimes that fall within this category include murder, robbery, rape, and assault. You may also lose your gun rights for committing other crimes. For example, if a court issues a protection from abuse (PFA) order, you may not be allowed to have possession of a firearm. However, you could also lose your firearms if you knowingly sell or transfer a gun to a person who is subject to a PFA. Therefore, you must be very careful who you sell or transfer a gun to in Pennsylvania.

It may surprise you to learn that DUI charges and other crimes could result in losing your gun rights. Under Pennsylvania law, you can be denied a license if you are determined to be a person with a reputation and character that would make it likely for you to act in a way that is dangerous to public safety or if you are a habitual drunkard. Therefore, the investigating official reviewing your application for a permit and license could use this clause to deny your request if you have DUIs or other general criminal offenses.

Drug charges are another crime that can result in revocation of gun rights. Federal law prohibits someone from purchasing a firearm when that person is an addict or unlawful user of a controlled substance. Therefore, even if the state enacts laws that make medical marijuana legal, the federal law states you cannot own a gun because marijuana is still considered a crime.

The above examples are not an exhaustive list of the crimes that could impact your ability to own or possess a firearm. You must be proactive if you are charged with a crime to develop a defense strategy that gives you the best chance of the most positive outcome possible given the facts in your case.

Remember, being charged with a crime is not a conviction. Our criminal defense attorneys fight to ensure that you are not unjustly convicted of any crime.

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