Top 10 Mistakes People Make After Being Arrested for DUI

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  1. Not Taking the DUI Charges Seriously.
    A DUI conviction, like any criminal charge, will follow you for the rest of your life if the revocation of your driver’s license remains on your driving record. Your insurance premiums will be higher and could easily amount to thousands of dollars over time.
  2. Not Hiring an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer.
    DUI laws are complex, and you really need experienced representation to be sure the best defenses are raised at the right time. Without being familiar with the process, you may lose your right to raise arguments forever – arguments that can be critical to your case. Over time, memories fade and witnesses may be lost. Your once-winnable DUI case can quickly be lost.
  3. Hiring the Cheapest DUI Defense Lawyer.
    Don’t hire an attorney based upon their fees alone. If you want your attorney to have access to every possible resource in the state’s legal system, you need to give them the time to do so. That time takes money, in order to effectively counter the prosecutor. By choosing the lowest bidder, you could be hiring an attorney that simply cannot spend the time required to defend you. Find a DUI Lawyer with a reasonable fee, not necessarily the lowest bidder.
  4. Not Complying with Driver’s License Laws.
    If you do not, you could lose the right to drive. If your license is taken, do NOT drive.
  5. Waiting Too Long to Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer.
    By waiting too long, you risk losing the opportunity to collect and utilize valuable evidence that could help your case.
  6. Not Taking Advantage of Your Constitutional Rights.
    There are many scientific and legal requisites that you can use to fight your charges, or even have them dismissed.
  7. Taking the Prosecutor’s First Offer.
    Often, a prosecutor will offer a solution that simply requires the least amount of work. Rarely are cases dismissed or reduced in these initial offers. If you accept an offer at this stage, you will not be giving the judge an opportunity to rule on your constitutional challenges. Make the prosecutor prove their case against you. If they don’t, we may be able to get your charges dismissed or reduced to a non-alcoholic related charge.
  8. Not Showing Up for Court.
    If you fail to appear, the court will issue a bench warrant. They will also revoke any bail or bond posted. If you are stopped for any traffic citations, you will probably do some jail time and be required to post an additional bod for future court appearances.
  9. Talking to Everyone About Your DUI Case.
    Anything you say can be used against you, remember that. Your attorney is the only one you can trust.
  10. Attempting to Represent Yourself.
    Some people charged with a DUI think they can represent themselves if they talk to enough DUI lawyers about their case. DUI litigation is not that simple. The process is a highly technical and complicated area of Pennsylvania law. It would be in your best interests to have an attorney with you in court.

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