Major Harley-Davidson Recall Impacts Thousands of Motorcycle Owners

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Harley-Davidson has recalled approximately 178,000 motorcycles in the United States because of a problem with the clutch. It appears that the clutches can leak fluid causing the motorcycles to remain in gear. The problem could cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle thereby increasing the risk of a motorcycle accident. The company states it has received notice of five motorcycle accidents, but there were no reported injuries. Owners can contact their local dealer to schedule an appointment to install a replacement part to correct the defective product problem.

There are about 26 models impacted by the recall. You can visit the Harley-Davidson website for more information, and to check to see if your motorcycle has an open recall notice.

Who is Responsible for an Accident Caused by a Defective Part?

Driver error or hazardous road conditions cause many of the motorcycle crashes in Pennsylvania. However, a defective part could be a factor in some motorcycle accidents. Because a product liability lawsuit against a manufacturer or other party could increase the amount of funds available for compensation of damages, it is important to determine if a defective part played a role in the cause of the motorcycle crash.

One of the first steps is to determine how the crash occurred. In some cases, it may be easy to determine if a defective part contributed to the cause of the crash. However, in some cases, an expert is needed to examine the facts and investigate the crash. An expert can also help prove that the defective part was the cause of the crash.

Product Liability Claims for Injuries

If a defective product causes an injury, one or more parties may be held liable for damages. When a product is defective in its design, the designer or developer may be held liable. However, if the manufacturer changed the specifications or made an error during the manufacturing process, the manufacturer could be liable.  Also, if a company fails to provide adequate instructions for use or warnings of potential risks of use, that company can also be held liable for damages caused by an accidental injury.

Filing a defective product claim can be a difficult undertaking. You must prove the product was defective and the party knew or should have known about the defect. To prove liability, we often hire experts in the specific industry to test the product to determine the exact defect that caused the injury. We must also prove the injury was a direct result of the product’s defect.

If a defective product injures you, you need to seek immediate medical care. Also, preserve the product, its packaging, and all instructions whenever possible. Before contacting the company, you should consult with an Erie personal injury lawyer to learn about your legal rights regarding injuries caused by a defective product.

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