Safety Tips to Avoid Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

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Erie, along with much of the northeast, was snowed in early this year. We received over 13 inches of snow from the early winter storm. Typically, we review safety tips for winter slip and fall accidents a bit later in the season. However, with the early snowfall that blanketed much of northwestern Pennsylvania earlier this month, it may be a good time to review tips for avoiding winter slip and fall accidents during winter in Erie.

Safety Tips to Avoid a Winter Slip and Fall Accident

If you have lived in Erie for a few winters, you probably already know how dangerous it can be to walk outside when snow and ice cover almost every surface. However, it is always helpful to review tips that can help you avoid a serious injury from a winter fall.

  • Wear the right shoes for walking in winter weather. Even though winter shoes may not be the most attractive apparel, they are practical, and they do help prevent falls. Choose shoes with excellent traction and support for the most protection from falls.
  • Slow down when you walk outside. It can be easy to forget that you need to slow down and take your time when walking outside. If you slow down and watch where you walk, you may avoid slipping on ice this winter.
  • Try putting socks over your shoes. If you do not have winter shoes or you want to add another layer of protection against falls, slip a pair of socks over your shoes. The socks give you extra traction to prevent falls.
  • Whenever possible, use handrails to help with balance.
  • Do not walk in or near the street. Cars could slip on snow and ice causing a pedestrian accident.
  • Clean walkways as soon as possible after a winter weather storm. Do not forget to clean your porches and steps too.
  • Be extra cautious when walking through parking lots and entering stores. Also, be careful when walking inside because snow and ice can melt from shoes and clothes making surfaces slippery.
  • If you have a higher risk of falls, avoid walking outside during and after winter storms until the area is clear of ice and snow.

Filing a Claim for a Winter Slip and Fall Accident

In some cases, you may be entitled to receive compensation if you slip and fall on another person’s property. Homeowners and businesses have a duty to maintain safe premises for their visitors. If you slip and fall because of snow or ice, it is important to report the accident to the property owner immediately. Also, you should seek medical care as quickly as possible to document your injuries.

Contacting an Erie slip and fall attorney is also a wise step. Proving liability for a slip and fall accident because of winter weather conditions can be a challenging undertaking. We strongly urge you to consult with an experienced slip and fall attorney in Erie for a free case review. Learn about your legal options and the steps you need to take to protect your legal rights.

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