What Happens After I Am Arrested for DUI in Edinboro?

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Being arrested for DUI in Edinboro can be frightening, especially if this is your first experience with the judicial system. We encourage you to exercise your constitutional rights to remain silent and contact a lawyer. The steps you take after a DUI arrest could have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.

DUI cases involve different circumstances. Those circumstances may dictate additional steps in the DUI process. However, most individuals who are arrested for drunk driving in Edinboro can expect their case to involve the following seven stages:

1.        Preliminary Hearings

The purpose of a preliminary hearing is to confirm whether there was probable cause for your arrest. The state must prove that a crime was committed, and you are the most likely suspect for committing the crime. You may waive this hearing; however, that is typically a mistake. Your Edinboro DUI attorney may have the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses. The testimony and information from the preliminary hearing can be used later in your case. Therefore, contact our office immediately so that we can appear at the preliminary hearing with you.

2.        Arraignment

An arraignment occurs within one to two months after your arrest.  You may not need to attend the arraignment if an attorney represents you. Your attorney can appear at the hearing for you and advise you of your rights and legal options without the necessity of taking another day off work or school to attend a hearing.

3.        Pre-Trail Conferences

If the court in which your case is heard utilizes pre-trial conferences, your attorney will attend the conference to discuss the case with the prosecutor assigned to your case. Your attorney may discuss plea deals and other issues to help determine your best strategies for resolving the drunk driving charge.

4.        Suppression Hearings

Within 30 days of your arraignment, we must file a suppression motion if we believe your constitutional rights were violated. The court may find that some or all of the evidence against you should be suppressed if your constitutional rights were violated.

5.        Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

The ARD program is a good option for some people because they do not serve any jail time and they may be able to expunge their record. ARD can also shorten the driver’s license suspension in your case. Your attorney reviews your case to determine if you are eligible for ARD. If you are eligible, your Edinboro DUI attorney explains the program, including the advantages and any disadvantages for you.

6.        Trial

If your case is not settled or dismissed, your case will move to a trial. You may or may not be entitled to a jury trial, depending on the DUI charges. Your attorney discusses the pros and cons of going to trial to help you decide what is in your best interest.

7.        Verdict and Sentencing

After a plea bargain is achieved or a guilty verdict is rendered at trial, the judge imposes your sentence. You could face one or more penalties for a drunk driving conviction. The penalties depend on the facts of your case. Common penalties imposed in DUI cases include fines, jail time, suspension of driving privileges, home detention, ignition interlock devices, and community service.

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