Steps to Take if Injured by a Product from an Erie Product Liability Attorney

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If a product injures you, you may have a claim against the product’s manufacturer and other parties. Under Pennsylvania’s product liability laws, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages. Product liability law is a special type of personal injury law. Claims made for defective products can be complex. It is often best to seek the advice of an Erie product liability attorney as soon as possible after being injured by a product.

Steps to Take After a Defective Product Injury

It can be shocking to be injured by a product. When you purchased the product, you assumed that it was safe to use because we have laws in the United States to protect consumers. Sadly, not all products sold in this country are safe to use. Some products are defective because of a design flaw and others may be defective because of a manufacturing flaw. Regardless of why the product was defective, you need to take certain steps after an injury to protect your legal rights.

Important steps to take after a product causes an injury include:

  • See a Medical Professional Immediately — As with any accidental injury, it is important to document your injuries. Seeing a doctor or other medical provider is the best way to document injuries for a claim. Also, seeing your doctor as soon as possible can prevent an injury from becoming worse and causing more long-term damage.
  • Preserve the Product — If it is possible to preserve the product, you should do so. It is evidence for your product liability claim. You should also keep all packaging and instructions that were included with the product.
  • Document Your Damages and Losses — Keep a detailed record of the expenses and losses associated with your injury. Damages and losses include medical expenses, lost income, property damage, travel expenses, medications, and other out-of-pocket expenses. You may also want to keep a journal detailing your recovery, including photographs of your injuries, your daily pain level, the challenges you face because of your injury, and how your injury impacts your relationships and daily life.
  • Do Not Provide a Statement Without Talking to an Attorney — If you contact the product’s manufacturer, it will likely request that you make a written or recorded statement. Because anything you say could be used against you during your case, it is best to speak with an attorney before contacting the product’s manufacturer. An attorney can guide you through the steps of filing a product liability claim. He can also deal with the manufacturer, its insurance provider, and other parties regarding your claim.

Do You Need Help with a Defect Product Claim?

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