The Four Rules of Motorcycle Accidents That Can Protect Your Injury Claim

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Filing a motorcycle accident claim should be just as easy as filing a car accident claim. However, motorcyclists can face an uphill batter to recover full compensation for all damages after a motorcycle crash that is not their fault. For that reason, our Erie motorcycle accident attorney has developed four rules riders should follow after a motorcycle accident to increase their chance of receiving the money they need and deserve after a negligent driver causes a preventable crash.

1.  Do not admit fault after a motorcycle accident.

It is a common belief, even though it is untrue, that motorcyclists are reckless and dangerous. Therefore, many people and insurance providers automatically assume it is the rider’s fault after a motorcycle crash. Do not say you are sorry, you are not sure what happened, or admit fault after an accident. Tell the police officer what happened honestly without taking fault for the crash.

2.  Do not sign any documents or provide statements without an attorney’s advice.

The insurance company for the other driver may ask you to sign a medical release authorization to verify your injuries or ask you to provide a statement to process the claim. Do not sign documents or provide statements without the guidance of an Erie motorcycle accident attorney. Insurance companies want to gather as much information as possible in hopes that something they discover can help them minimize the amount they must pay for your claim. An attorney should review everything you sign and be present for any statements you make to ensure your legal rights are not violated and your best interests are protected.

3.  Complete the treatment plan prescribed by your physician.

You may feel better after a few weeks or months of treatment. However, if you do not complete your treatment plan, the insurance company may use this information to allege you were not as injured as you now claim or you would have completed treatment. It may also use a failure to complete treatment to deny compensation based on claims of permanent impairment. Your doctor cannot provide a prognosis or an impairment rating until you complete your treatment. Without this information, you could receive a much lower settlement amount for your motorcycle accident claim.

4.  Hire an Erie motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Insurance providers and defense attorneys can treat motorcyclists unfairly after an accident. Having an attorney on your side as early in the case as possible can provide huge benefits. Your attorney understands the unique challenges involved in handling a motorcycle accident claim. Furthermore, your attorney has resources you may not have to investigate the crash and gather evidence that proves the other driver was completely at fault for the cause of the crash.

By hiring an attorney, you give yourself the advantage of an equal playing field. The insurance provider has a team of professionals working for it. You need a legal team in your corner working even harder for you. If the insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement, your attorney has already taken most of the steps necessary to prepare for a personal injury lawsuit.

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