Who is Responsible for Injuries Sustained by a Motorcycle Passenger?

Who is Responsible for Injuries Sustained by a Motorcycle Passenger?

Motorcycle passengers are often seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. Most
passengers in traffic accidents have no control over the circumstances that led
to the crash. Therefore, passengers should receive compensation for their
injuries from the party or parties responsible for causing the crash. However,
it can be difficult to determine who caused a motorcycle accident in some
cases. An Erie motorcycle accident can help a passenger seek compensation for
injuries, losses, and damages after an accident.

Is the Motorcyclist Responsible for the Crash?

If the motorcyclist is responsible for causing the motorcycle accident,
the passenger needs to file an accident claim with the motorcyclist’s insurance
provider. The passenger should receive compensation for the passenger’s medical
bills, loss of income, and other financial damages. Additionally, the passenger
can receive compensation for his or her physical pain and suffering, mental
anguish, emotional distress, and other non-economic damages.

Many passengers feel guilty about filing an accident claim against they
were riding with because that person is often a family member or friend. It is
important to remember that the purpose of liability insurance is to compensate
accident victims for their injuries and losses after an accident. It is also
important to consider your best interests and needs. You may not like filing an
insurance claim against your family member or friend’s insurance policy, but
you also should not suffer any further loss for an accident that was not your
fault. If the insurance company does not pay the claim, it may be necessary to
file a lawsuit to recover compensation for the accident.

Filing an Insurance Claim When Another Driver is at Fault

When another driver causes the motorcycle accident, the accident claim is
filed against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. The motorcycle passenger
is entitled to receive compensation for the same financial and non-economic
damages. If the insurance company denies the claim or undervalues the insurance
claim, the passenger may want to contact an Erie motorcycle accident attorney
to discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver.

What Happens When Multiple Parties May Be at Fault for a Motorcycle Accident?

Insurance companies may place blame on other parties to avoid paying an
accident claim. In some cases, multiple parties could be at fault for causing
the motorcycle accident. If so, a motorcycle passenger could have claims
against multiple parties. A motorcycle accident lawyer can initiate an
independent accident investigation to determine how the crash occurred and who
is liable for damages.

Contact an Erie Motorcycle Accident Attorney for a Free Case Review

If you were a motorcycle passenger who was injured in an accident, it is
a good idea to seek legal advice from an experienced motorcycle accident
lawyer. Traffic accidents involving motorcycles can be challenging cases to
pursue because insurance companies tend to place the blame for the accident on
the motorcyclist. Even though you were a passenger, you may still have
difficulty recovering fair compensation for an accident claim.

You can get the legal advice you need a free consultation with an
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