Preventing Winter Slip and Fall Accidents in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Preventing Winter Slip and Fall Accidents in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Winter has come early for Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania. The area is under a winter
storm warning, which will be fairly common throughout the winter season. Snow and
ice are common during the winter months, which increases the risk of falls. Our
Erie slip and fall attorney wishes to remind everyone to stay safe this winter
and take steps to avoid winter slip and fall accidents.

Tips to Avoid Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

1. Wear
the Right Shoes

Wearing snow
boots is one of the best ways to avoid falls during the winter. Snow boots are
designed for walking in winter conditions. Take shoes with you to change into
once you arrive safely at your destination.

2.  Avoid Carrying Items

You need
your arms free to provide balance while walking on snow and ice. You also need to
hold onto handrails when walking up and down steps. If you need to carry
packages or other items, try to limit those items or place them in a backpack
or bag so that your hands are free.

3.  Slow Down

Walking fast
increases your risk for a winter slip and fall accident. Slow down and avoid
the urge to run to the car or the house to get out of the cold.

4.  Beware of Slippery Floors

When entering
buildings or homes, be very cautious. Snow and ice from shoes and clothes can make
floors extremely slippery, increasing the risk of a fall. Stop to dry your shoes
on a rug and watch where you walk to reduce the risk of falling.

5.  Be Careful Exiting Vehicles

When you
exit your vehicle, look at the ground to judge how slick the surface may be
from the weather conditions. Use your car door for support as you stand until
you have your balance.

6.  Avoid Uneven Surfaces

Uneven surfaces
are difficult to navigate in good weather. Winter weather makes them even more
dangerous. Avoid curbs, steps, and other uneven surfaces whenever possible.

7.  Watch for Black Ice

It can be
difficult to spot black ice, even when you are not driving. A surface may
appear dry until you are already walking across it. If you are unsure, tap your
foot on the ground or gently slide it from side to side to test whether there
is ice on the ground.

What to
Do if You Are Injured in a Winter Slip and Fall Accident?

Always carry
your cell phone during the winter, even if you are walking to your mailbox, so
you can call for help if you fall. See your doctor as soon as possible to
determine your injuries and begin a treatment plan.

If you fell
on another party’s property, report the fall as soon as you can to the property
owner or manager. Even though property owners cannot control weather conditions,
they can be held liable for winter slip and fall accidents. A property owner might
try to blame you for the fall. Do not admit any fault for a winter slip and
fall accident. Seek medical treatment and call a personal injury attorney in
Erie for help.

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