Tips for Choosing a Pennsylvania Nursing Home for Your Parent

Tips for Choosing a Pennsylvania Nursing Home for Your Parent

Most families postpone placing a parent in a Pennsylvania nursing home for as long as possible. It is difficult to give your parents over to someone else for care and comfort. However, there are many situations in which nursing home care is better for a loved one than the care the loved one can receive at home.

In a nursing home, a parent can receive 24/7 medical care and personal care. Your parent can have friends and remain active and social, depending on his or her physical and emotional health. The most important thing is that your loved one is safe and has the care he or she needs.

Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home in Pennsylvania

If your family is searching for a long-term care facility for a parent, it may be overwhelming. How do you find a facility that provides the compassionate, skilled, trusted care you want for your parents?

Three key tips that can help you find the best Pennsylvania nursing home for your parent are:

1.  Decide What You Want and Need

The first step is to consider what you want and need in a long-term care facility. Does your parent need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or full care? Do you want a religious affiliation or need special care for certain conditions, such as Alzheimer’s paralysis, or dementia? Make a checklist of the needs and desires for a nursing home to use as you research specific long-term care facilities.

2.  Ask for Recommendations

Researching reviews of nursing homes typically results in the best and worst stories about a facility. You want a realistic review of the nursing home. Therefore, ask people you know and trust. Ask family members, friends, co-workers, and physicians for recommendations.

However, don’t forget to ask people who often see these facilities very often and work with these facilities on a routine basis. Make sure to check with physicians, lawyers, ministers, social workers, and volunteers that you know. Ask them about their opinions of the nursing homes that are on your shortlist.

3.  Visit the Facility Multiple Times

Don’t just visit a Pennsylvania nursing home once or twice. Visit the facility multiple times at different hours and on different days. Make unannounced visits to quietly observe the staff to get a better idea of how the stuff works when they do not expect anyone to be watching. Make notes about the smells, sights, and sounds during each visit. By visiting a nursing home several times, you can get a better feeling for the daily operations and staff demeanors.

For more information about choosing a nursing home for your loved one, you can visit check the websites for the National Institute on Aging and AARP.

Northwestern Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Help Families in Need

Unfortunately, even the best nursing homes can be guilty of elder abuse and neglect. If you suspect Pennsylvania nursing home abuse, contact the police or social services. Then contact an Erie nursing home abuse to help you take steps to protect your loved one’s wellbeing and legal rights.

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