Premises Liability Claims in Erie – What Do You Need to Know?

If you are injured while on another person’s property, you could have a claim under Pennsylvania’s premises liability laws. Premises is the legal term for real estate and the improvements on the real estate. Premises liability laws cover accidents that occur on private property, such as your neighbor’s land. It also covers commercial properties and government property.

Filing a Premises Liability Claim After an Accident

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common types of premises liability claims. However, other instances can lead to a claim, such as:

  • Amusement park accidents
  • Injuries at hotels and resorts
  • School and playground accidents
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Bed bug infestations
  • Electrical injuries and electrocutions
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances
  • Snow and ice accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Accidents related to inadequate lighting or security
  • Fire and safety code violations

If you are injured while on another party’s property, it is in your best interest to talk to an Erie premises liability lawyer. Our attorney analyzes your case free of charge and provides an honest assessment of your claim.

Proving a Claim for an Injury on Another Party’s Property

Proving a claim for premises liability requires that you prove each of the following legal elements:

  • The property owner owed you a duty of care
  • There was a dangerous or hazardous condition on the property that the owner knew about or should have known about
  • The owner breached the duty of care by failing to warn you of the hazard or correct the hazard
  • The hazardous condition directly caused your injury
  • You sustained damages because of the injury

Property owners owe a duty of care to individuals on their property. However, that duty of care varies depending upon the person’s role as a licensee, invitee, or trespasser.

An invitee is someone who has express or implied permission to be on the property, such as someone entering a grocery store. A licensee is someone invited onto the property for a social or personal reason, such as attending a birthday party at a person’s house. Property owners owe trespassers the least amount of care because they are on the property without permission.

Proving a premises liability claim requires evidence of the breach of duty. It also requires evidence linking the breach to your injuries and damages. Our legal team has substantial experience investigating this type of personal injury claim and building a liability case against the property owner.

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