Motorcycle Safety in Erie, Pennsylvania

Motorcycle Safety in Erie, Pennsylvania

Practicing Motorcycle Safety Prevents Injuries

Motorcycle safety is important to every motorcyclist who calls Northwestern Pennsylvania and Erie home. Riding is a pleasurable experience whether it is a trip to the store or work. However, motorcyclists must exert caution since this form of transportation has many dangers associated with it. That is why it is important to learn ways to stay safe while riding. Let’s delve into the dangers of biking and how to make it an experience devoid of injury.

Statistical Account of Motorcycle Accidents

In 2018, 4,985 motorcyclist fatalities occurred nationwide. In fact, a motorcyclist has a 30 times greater risk of being in a fatal accident compared to motor vehicle operators. In addition, almost 45 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury. This vulnerability is due to the lack of protection a motorcyclist has at his/her disposal. Unlike an automobile, a motorcycle lacks a steel cage and safety devices. It is incumbent on the motorcyclist to build their own safety profile by following the steps below.

Conspicuity Related to Motorcycles

Motorcycles are not conspicuous on the roadways. In fact, looking at a motorcycle head-on is the smallest image a driver has of any vehicle on the road. Many drivers say that they hit the motorcycle because they did not see it. While that is true, vision is often based on what a driver is looking for or expecting to see. 

To remedy this situation it is imperative that drivers retrain themselves to incorporate motorcycles into their expectations. Motorcyclists may also take steps to make themselves more visible on the road. It is never enough for a biker to assume that if they can see another vehicle, they are visible to the motorist.

Choose a Visible Motorcycle Color to Increase a Rider’s Safety Profile

One way for a motorcyclist to become more visible is to choose a bright color when purchasing a motorcycle. For example, a black motorcycle is hard to see on cloudy days, in inclement weather or at night. A white, red or yellow colored bike would enhance visibility.

Motorcycle Helmets

According to the Pennsylvania DMV, anyone under the age of 21 must wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. If the biker is over 21, they must have 2 years of experience riding a motorcycle to go without a helmet. The helmets must comply with the standards of the Department of Transportation and bear a DOT sticker. The helmet must also have specific information permanently written on it, including the manufacturer’s name and the helmet model, among other things, to assure motorcycle safety.

Reflective Tape or Clothing

This is an effective way to help ensure motorcycle safety in cloud-covered light, during inclement weather or at night. There are many styles of clothing available for this purpose and can be found at sport’s stores and motorcycle shops. Reflective tape is used to achieve the same purpose at night. It is applied to the bike, helmets, jackets and vests.

LED Lights to Increase Conspicuity and Motorcycle Safety

LED lights are bright and easily seen. Adding them to areas of the motorcycle can make the biker conspicuous. Some helmets also come acquitted with LED lights as well as rear view cameras and the ability to make a call to 911. If you want to keep the cost of the helmet down or already have one, LED light kits are available for use on the helmet.

The Travis Law Firm – Motorcycle Safety

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