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Road Rash Can Be a Serious Consequence of an Accident

Road rash is an injury that occurs to those who are involved in an accident while riding a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, scooter or just walking along. Although most people can imagine that friction rash is painful, what they might not know is that it can have serious consequences. When a negligent driver or government entity was the reason for the accident injury, the injured person may be able to recover compensation.

Complications Caused by Road Rash

Let’s pretend you were traveling along on your motorcycle minding your own business and enjoying the day when a negligent driver whizzes by and crashes into you. You end up on the ground and nothing appears to be broken, but because you landed on your arms you have bits of pebbles and dirt embedded in your skin. Advice? See a doctor or head to the emergency room because road rash can lead to serious injury and complications. Call the police also to document your accident injury because this may be important later.

Degrees of Road Rash

Road rash is categorized in degrees, the same as those that occur if someone is in a fire. These degrees are rated by their severity as in the following: 

  • First-degree friction burns: A first-degree burn is a minor injury. Redness, tenderness, some small scrapes and a small amount of bleeding may be involved.
  • Second-degree friction burns: Swelling, bleeding, pain and removal of the top layers of skin are involved, which can expose the muscles and often results in scarring.
  • Third-degree friction burns: The skin is flayed off, and bones, nerves and muscles can be damaged. There is a high risk of infection and scarring.

Potential Complications From a Friction Injury

Complications that result from a serious case of road rash can be dangerous such as:

  • Infection, which causes swelling, pain, pus discharge, a foul smell and symptoms resembling the flu can occur. In some cases, it can lead to septic shock, which is life-threatening and can cause organ failure and a steep drop in blood pressure.
  • Limitation in the movement of the affected body part can occur from road rash due to scar tissue. This can severely affect the individual’s ability to use an arm, hand, foot or leg.
  • Emotional trauma can occur. Becoming scarred or disfigured by a serious case of road rash can have both psychological and emotional repercussions, resulting in embarrassment, shame and self-consciousness.
  • Traumatic tattoos can result from friction. These occur when foreign bodies such as sand, glass, asphalt, metal, and others become embedded in the skin from the accident. Even minor cases of road rash can cause a traumatic tattoo.

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