Defending Your DUI Marijuana Charge

How a Defense Lawyer Can Help With Your Charge for DUI Marijuana

How a Defense Lawyer Can Help With Your Charge for DUI Marijuana

Were you recently charged with a DUI marijuana offense? Planning on pleading guilty? This may be a mistake since marijuana DUI charges cannot only result in court costs, big fines and jail time but can follow you throughout your life. It can affect your ability to attend college and work in certain professions as well as limit where you rent an apartment or get a job if a background check is performed.

Marijuana Possession Attorney

When you’ve been arrested for DUI marijuana, retaining an experienced lawyer to defend you can make a big difference. At Travis Law Firm, we have successfully defended many clients accused of DUI marijuana so that they can go on with their lives without the specter of a police record following them.

Common Defenses Against a Dui Marijuana Charge

There are many things that could go wrong when you are arrested, including:

  • Police had no legitimate reason for pulling you over
  • Questioning whether procedures were followed in the field testing
  • Challenging the chemical analysis
  • Improper handling of the specimen
  • The officer administering the test was improperly trained

You May Qualify for a Pre-Trial Diversion Program

The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program might be right for you if it is your first drunk driving offense in Pennsylvania. The state’s criminal justice system will not be involved if you enroll in this program. Among the charges that fall under this category are DUIs and drug offenses. 

After you have been accepted, the state suspends your charges in exchange for meeting other conditions. The conditions include alcohol and drug counseling, restitution and community service. Program requirements must be met and supervision is provided. When the ARD program has been successfully completed, the state will dismiss the charges. 

After 30 days, your arrest record and your participation in the program can be expunged. Once you’ve completed the program, you will have no conviction record and will not be incarcerated. However, keep in mind that if you commit the offense again within a 10-year period, you will face a second, not first, charge of DUI marijuana.

The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

DUI marijuana charges are best handled by an attorney. An attorney experienced in handling these types of cases may be able to prepare a defense to potentially lower or dismiss your charges, depending on the circumstances. By going it alone, you may end up with a criminal record, which can affect your future and not for the better.

Travis Law Firm – Your DUI Marijuana Defense Lawyers

If you were stopped by police and received a DUI marijuana charge, call the Travis Law Firm to get the help you need to defend the charge. We can be reached either at (814) 277-2222 or by messaging us online. We would be happy to schedule a free case consultation for you to review what happened, answer any questions you have and tell you what options are available to defend you. You hold the key to your own future, so don’t wait.