How Defective Motorcycle Parts Can Lead to an Injury Accident

Motorcycle Parts That Can Be Affected by Manufacturing Errors

Motorcycle accidents are often the result of negligent drivers and operators on the road, but there is another important factor to consider in motorcycle accidents: defective parts. Defective parts can cause a rider to lose control or suffer from a malfunction that leads to an injury accident. Some of the common causes for defective motorcycle parts that can lead to serious harm for riders include:.

  • Poor quality parts – Motorcycles are machines with many components and when these parts are made cheaply or without proper standards, they can easily malfunction or fail.
  • Unreliable suppliers – When manufacturers use unreliable suppliers, they may not be aware of the quality of their products until it is too late.
  • Improper installation – Even with quality parts, they can be dangerous if installed incorrectly or used in an unsafe manner.
  • Manufacturing defects – Manufacturing defects are often the cause of defective parts that can cause serious injuries. Poor design, faulty materials, or assembly errors may all contribute to serious issues on motorcycles that can result in accidents.

Motorcycle Parts That Can Be Affected by Manufacturing Errors

Manufacturing errors can affect a variety of motorcycle parts, including brakes, tires, fuel lines, and more. When these components are faulty or defective due to manufacturing defects, they can cause serious harm to the rider and other people on the road as well as fatalities. Some of the most common motorcycle parts that can be affected by manufacturing errors:

  • Brakes – Faulty brakes are one of the main causes of motorcycling accidents. Poorly designed or manufactured brake systems may not provide adequate stopping power in an emergency situation.
  • Tires – Defective tires with poor treading or low air pressure can lead to dangerous riding situations where riders lose control.
  • Fuel lines – A defective fuel line can leak fuel onto the engine, resulting in a fire or explosion.
  • Electrical systems – Faulty wiring can cause shorts and spark fires that lead to serious accidents.
  • Steering components – Defective steering components can make it difficult for riders to control their motorcycles, leading to an accident.

Placing a Product Liability Claim for a Motorcycle Defect Injury Accident

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to a defective part, you may be able to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the part. Product liability claims are designed to hold manufacturers accountable for any harm that their products cause consumers. Here are some of the things to consider when filing a product liability claim for an injury caused by a defective motorcycle part:

  • Proving a defect: The first step is to prove that the motorcycle part was indeed defective and that it caused your injury. This will usually require expert testimony from a mechanic or other qualified professional.
  • Identifying the manufacturer: Once you have proven that the defect existed, you will need to identify who manufactured the part. This may require a thorough investigation to find out who is responsible for the defect.
  • Establishing liability: You will then need to prove that the manufacturer was liable for your injury. This can be done by showing that they were negligent in their production or design of the defective motorcycle part.
  • Filing before the statute of limitations expires. In Pennsylvania the time limit in which you can file a claim is two years.

The Travis Law Firm: Motorcycle Accidents

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