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How Is Drug Testing for Marijuana Performed in Pennsylvania?

A number of cities in Pennsylvania have decriminalized the use of marijuana, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal. Driving under the influence of marijuana is completely different and viewed as impaired motoring. A driver who tests positive for any amount at all can end up being charged with DUI, even if you have a prescription for it from your doctor to treat your medical condition because Pennsylvania is a no-tolerance state.

What Is Theft by Deception?

Theft by deception is a type of serious crime that is often difficult to understand. As with any theft, it involves taking something that does not belong to you. However, theft by deception means doing this by creating a false image that is used to obtain the other person’s property and not correcting this illusion in the future. 

What Turns Crimes Into Federal Cases?

The difference lies in the type of crime that has been committed and where it happened. Crimes that occur across state lines become federal cases. However, a crime that violates federal laws can happen in a single state. The differences are sometimes complex and require an attorney with experience dealing with federal crimes. Let’s take an in-depth look at what turns a crime into a federal case.

Search and Seizure in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Constitution ensures that residents of the state are protected from unreasonable search and seizure whether it involves a person, possessions, papers or homes. Probable cause is necessary for police to conduct search and seizure under the 4th Amendment, which helps provide protection from unreasonable searches. When your constitutional rights are violated, the search and seizure that was performed may be unconstitutional and inadmissible in court.

Types of Legal Defenses in Criminal Law

When you’ve been accused of a crime, you are understandably concerned about the type of legal defense that can be used by your attorney to defend you. After all, this is an important juncture in your life, and you want the best defense possible. In the following, we will explore the different types of perfected defense tactics commonly used by experienced attorneys in defending a client.

Six Criminal Defense Myths

Over time, myths develop in any discipline, including criminal law. Some of these myths might even be harmful and cause significant pain if taken seriously. In fact, they can affect the outcome of your case and make things more stressful for the accused and their family. Let’s take a look at some common myths associated with criminal law.

Criminal Law Definition and Examples

If you are facing a criminal charge, it is important for you to know what this area of the law is. Criminal acts can be complicated and are punishable by the government. Let’s take a look at criminal law definitions and examples of the types of crimes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in a Criminal Case

Everyone arrested for a crime still retains their constitutional rights under United States law. This means you have the right to remain silent, to have legal counsel, and to have an attorney present when questioned. In addition, there must be probable cause to arrest you. If an over-exuberant police force ignores these, your constitutional rights are broken.