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DUI Marijuana Law in Pennsylvania – Arrest for Driving Under the Influence of Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana on April 6, 2016. On February 15, 2018, medical marijuana became available in Pennsylvania. However, strict rules and laws are governing medical marijuana use. Even though you have a medical marijuana card, police officers may arrest you for certain violations. For that reason, you need to be aware of the DUI… Read more »

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ARD Program in Pennsylvania – Do You Qualify?

The ARD Program in Pennsylvania or the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program is a pre-trial intervention program. It offers first-time, non-violent offenders a second chance. Instead of going to jail, they are allowed to complete rehabilitation to expunge the criminal charges. What Is the Goal of the ARD Program in Pennsylvania? In some cases, rehabilitation is… Read more »

DUI Arrests Fall and Rise Again During COVID-19 Pandemic

Beware of DUI Checkpoints in Erie, PA

Drinking generally increases during the holidays. From the day before Thanksgiving (Blackout Wednesday) through New Year’s Day, alcohol sales increase. Many areas see an increase in the number of drunk driving accidents and DUIs during the holidays. Throughout Pennsylvania, law enforcement agencies, including police officers in Erie, increase their efforts to stop drunk drivers. One… Read more »