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Erie Pedestrian Accidents: Who Is Liable?

When a pedestrian is injured in an accident and wants to recover compensation, they have to find out who is liable for their injuries. After all, medical bills may be mounting, the injured person is unable to work and without any income and, of course, the pain and suffering they are enduring isn’t their fault. Keep reading to find out how you can get the compensation you deserve and who may be at fault for your injuries.

The legal team at The Travis Law Firm can successfully handle your pedestrian injury accident because we work hard to obtain compensation. We believe it’s difficult enough to suffer an injury, but when it was the fault of someone else, they are the ones who should pay, not you.

Drivers Fail to Take Dangers of Distracted Driving Seriously

The dangers of distracted driving are well-documented. However, many drivers continue to fail to take the dangers of distracted driving seriously. Unfortunately, they ignore the laws banning texting while driving or using hand-held cell phones while driving. They ignore the warnings about distractions causing traffic accidents. Therefore, distractions continue to be a common cause of… Read more »

Pedestrian hit by a car lays on the ground.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Erie, PA

Pedestrian accident injuries often result in permanent impairments and life-threatening conditions. A pedestrian does not have any protection from injury when being struck by a vehicle. Individuals struck by a vehicle should seek immediate medical attention. They should also seek legal advice regarding a personal injury claim against the driver. Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries Studies… Read more »

A Warren County car accident on September 25, 2020, resulted in the deaths of two individuals, according to the Pennsylvania State Police. The two-vehicle crash occurred on Route 27 in Pittsfield Township southwest of Youngsville.

Warren County Car Accident Causes Two Deaths

­A Warren County car accident on September 25, 2020, resulted in the deaths of two individuals, according to the Pennsylvania State Police. The two-vehicle crash occurred on Route 27 in Pittsfield Township southwest of Youngsville. According to reports, a 72-year-old man driving a 1976 Dodge Dart failed to recognize that traffic in front of him… Read more »

What to expect when you file a pedestrian accident claim in Erie?

What To Expect When You File a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Erie?

The number of pedestrians killed by motor vehicles has increased in recent years. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), 2019 preliminary numbers appear to indicate that it will be the deadliest year for pedestrians in 30 years. In the first half of 2019, 74 pedestrians died in Pennsylvania.  Pedestrians and drivers need to… Read more »

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Meadville Pedestrians Get Help This Winter from CATA

According to a story on Your Erie pedestrians in Meadville will have access to bus service over Smock Bridge this winter.  The agreement between Mead Township, Meadville, and CATA is aimed at making walking during the winter safer for pedestrians. The service is free to users and is expected to begin in late November and… Read more »

Drunk Bicyclist and Pedestrian Accidents

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) annual report on pedestrian safety projects an unprecedented 11 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities for 2016. Awareness and efforts to prevent DUI accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists are in the works throughout the United States to reduce the number of alcohol-impaired bicyclists and pedestrians injured in accidents.

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New Research Study Identifies Who Is Most at Risk for a Fatal Pedestrian Accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data associated with fatal pedestrian traffic accidents in 2015. According to the research, you can draw inferences about who might be at the highest levels of risk when walking near streets and roads. The data showed that 73% of fatal pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas while only… Read more »

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Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents in Erie: Who is Responsible?

A woman in her thirties was struck in a hit and run accident on November 12 at 16th and German Streets on Erie’s east side. She suffered serious leg injuries and witnesses obtained the license plate number of the black Cadillac SUV who left the scene. A hit and run accident is regarded as highly… Read more »