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Sports With the Highest Incidence of Injuries

Sports With the Highest Incidence of Injuries

Sports are not without risk. In fact, almost two million people are hurt every year due to sports-related injuries. No one is spared, and approximately 1.35 million minors are seen in the emergency room annually due to an injury. There are many types of sports-related injuries, and some are more serious than others. They range from bruises and lacerations to fractures and traumatic brain injuries. It is important to maintain a safety profile to keep the number of injuries low. Let’s look at some common sports-related injuries in the country.

Pedestrian hit by a car lays on the ground.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Erie, PA

Pedestrian accident injuries often result in permanent impairments and life-threatening conditions. A pedestrian does not have any protection from injury when being struck by a vehicle. Individuals struck by a vehicle should seek immediate medical attention. They should also seek legal advice regarding a personal injury claim against the driver. Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries Studies… Read more »