Penalties for Underage Drinking and Driving in Pennsylvania

Parents often feel they aren’t heard enough on their teenagers when they try to explain the dangers of alcohol consumption. Underage drinking is not only dangerous — it is illegal in every state. Explaining the penalties for a conviction on a charge of underage drinking may have more of an impact that simple telling your… Read more »

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Back To School Time Means Greater Risk of Accidents

As students return to college this fall, we see an increase in bicycle crashes and pedestrian accidents. Many college students ride bicycles or walk for economic, health, or environmental reasons. With an increase in bicycle and pedestrian traffic, the number of injuries from traffic-related accidents can increase. As experienced personal injury attorneys serving many of… Read more »

Birchfield v. North Dakota Supreme Court Ruling

Supreme Court says warrantless blood draws in DUI arrests are unconstitutional On Thursday the Supreme Court ruled States may not prosecute suspected drunken drivers for refusing warrantless blood draws when they are arrested. The court ruled that law enforcement officers can require a breathalyzer test for drivers suspected of drunk driving without having a warrant… Read more »

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Fatal Pedestrian Crash Leads To Charges for Erie Individual

Pennsylvania Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney Unfortunately, some of the most devastating car accidents in Erie and across Pennsylvania are those involving pedestrians. This is typically because pedestrians do not have any of the safety features afforded by a modern automobile. A pedestrian who is struck unaware can sustain critical injuries and may even suffer fatal… Read more »

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SUV Hits Meadville Man in Wheelchair

A Meadville resident was minding his own business, when he was hit by an SUV and knocked out of his wheelchair. The SUV’s front tire blew out and caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The SUV left the roadway, and struck the man in the wheelchair who was traveling in the berm… Read more »