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Fireworks Safety Tips and July 4 Events in Erie PA

Are you going to be using fireworks to celebrate Independence Day this year? If so, it is a good idea to review general safety tips for the use of fireworks to avoid injuries. Some general safety tips include: Always have a responsible adult supervise the use of fireworks. Fireworks and alcohol are not a good… Read more »

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Should I Take Cash at the Scene of a Car Accident?

In An Accident & Now Have to Deal With The Insurance Company If you’ve ever been hit by someone while driving and heard that unfortunate crunch sound, you know what it feels like to realize that you’ve just been in a car accident. This means getting involved in what can be seen as a process… Read more »

Erie PA Car Accident Injury Lawyer

What's the Link Between Marijuana Use and Fatal Car Accidents?

It comes as no surprise to most people that marijuana is a hot topic in the news in recent years. But one thing that many people have not paid proper attention to despite all this coverage of marijuana issues and legalization, is the fact that the number of fatal car accidents across the country involving… Read more »

Erie PA Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Crawford County Rollover on Route 98

Slick surfaces resulted in a rollover early on December 9 in the Cox Road area of Crawford County. The driver lost control, went into a ditch, flipped and travelled another 30 feet before coming to rest. The driver was able to exit the vehicle and refused medical treatment. Unfortunately, accidents like this are all too… Read more »

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Passenger Dead in Erie Rollover Accident

A recent rollover accident on Wattsburg road in Millcreek Township claimed the life of a male passenger. The female driver was ejected from the car and transported to the hospital in critical condition. In a single car accident if a passenger is injured rather than killed, a third party claim can be made against the… Read more »

Have Questions After a Car Accident? Get Answers In Your Free Consultation

We Answer Questions After A Car Accident We meet people every day who have been injured in a car accident and find themselves with a lot of questions about what to do next. Of course, you should seek medical attention for any injuries immediately. But, did you know that you should retain all receipts for… Read more »

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