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What Is The Penalty For Using A Fake ID In Pennsylvania?

Because it is illegal to drink or purchase alcohol under the age of 21, many teenagers and young adults attempt to find a way to get around the law. They may have older friends or family members purchase alcohol for them, or they purchase fake ID cards from companies or individuals. A fake ID gets… Read more »

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Will I Serve Jail Time for Shoplifting in Pennsylvania?

Shoplifting (aka, retail theft) occurs when someone takes items from a store without paying for them. These items may be concealed in a bag, in pockets, or under the person’s clothing. It can happen in any retail store by career thieves or first-time offenders. Perpetrators are often identified by security cameras or store personnel who… Read more »

Tips for Parents Talking to Teens About Underage Drinking

Now that school is back in session for the fall, your kids may be making new friends and attending new classes, which results in new influences in their lives. A growing concern for parents of teenagers is underage drinking. As Edinboro, Pennsylvania DUI attorneys, we have seen the dire consequences that result from underage drinking…. Read more »

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Tips for Navigating a Charge of Underage Drinking in Edinboro

When you are charged with underage drinking, this is a problem that could continue to follow you for years to come. Understanding how to handle this situation can be critically important. Read on to learn more about some of the most important tips that you should follow when accused of underage DUI. Stay Calm When… Read more »

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New Instagram Feature Could Explore Underage Drinking

Popular social media application Instagram may have a new way of monitoring teenager drinking habits. According to text and photos from Instagram, researchers from the University of Rochester identified that this data can expose patterns of underage drinking more quickly and less expensively than traditional surveys but it can also point to new patterns regarding… Read more »