Edinboro DUI lawyer

Edinboro DUI Attorney Discusses Pennsylvania DUI Laws for College Students

When you are in college, you are likely to be exposed to alcohol at parties before you are 21 years of age. Even when you are of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages, you must still be responsible when you consume alcohol. Our Edinboro DUI defense attorneys caution college students to be responsible alcohol because… Read more »

Do I Qualify for ARD for an Edinboro DUI Charge?

If you are charged with DUI in Edinboro, you need to take the charge seriously. Even a first offense DUI conviction can have serious punishments, including losing your license, jail time, probation, fines, substance abuse education, and DUI school. The penalties for a first DUI offense can vary depending on several factors, including the level… Read more »

Can My Medical Condition Effect a Breathalyzer Test?

A driver may be asked to take a breathalyzer test if he or she is stopped for speeding or other traffic violation if the police officer suspects the driver is operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. If the test is positive, the driver will be arrested for DUI. However, certain medications or… Read more »

Can Drinking Diet Drinks Increase Risk Of A DUI Charge?

Many people are watching their weight; therefore, as the holiday season gets closer, many people will choose to enjoy their alcohol cocktails with diet sodas. However, a study revealed that mixing alcohol with diet drinks results in a higher alcohol concentration on the breath than alcohol mixed with regular soda. Researchers had men and women… Read more »

Recent Change to Pennsylvania’s Ignition Interlock Laws

States have developed numerous laws to deal with DUI offenses. Currently, Pennsylvania is one of the few states to adopt a law requiring repeat offenders to have an ignition interlock installed on their vehicles. A new law now requires first-time DUI offenders with a high blood alcohol level to install an ignition interlock on their… Read more »

Pennsylvania State Police Participate In National Labor Day DUI Campaign

Pennsylvania State Police are participating in the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. The campaign began on August 19 and continues through Labor Day Monday, September 5. During this time, law enforcement agencies will increase their efforts to identify and pull over drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs. Driver will likely… Read more »