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The Insurance Company Is Blaming Me for My Accident – What Should I Do?

The Insurance Company Is Blaming Me for My Accident – What Should I Do?

Call an Erie accident attorney immediately! If the insurance company is blaming you for an automobile accident you did not cause, you need an attorney right now. Blaming the victim for causing an accident is one way an insurance company tries to limit its liability for an injury claim. Do not accept blame for an… Read more »

How Do People View Traffic Safety In The United States?

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts an annual survey to gauge driver attitudes toward traffic safety in America. You may be surprised what drivers reported in the 2017 survey. Some of the key findings of the survey include the fact that most drivers (87.5%) believe distracted driving is a bigger problem than it has been… Read more »

Is There a Deadline to See a Doctor After an Accident in Pennsylvania?

After many traffic accidents, the victims are transported to an emergency room for immediate medical care. Therefore, this question only arises when a victim refuses to be transported to the emergency room. While there is not a deadline for seeking medical treatment, your delay in seeking medical attention can have a negative impact on your… Read more »

Should I Tell My Erie Personal Injury Attorney About This Personal Information?

When you are injured in an accident, the accident claim process can be overwhelming. Working with an experienced Erie accident attorney can make the process less stressful. However, you must tell your attorney everything that could potentially impact your accident claim. Below are several personal details that many people might not believe could impact an… Read more »

Receiving Compensation For Concussion Injuries

Concussions are common injuries in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. A concussion is one of the most common brain injuries and can have a significant impact on your ability to perform certain tasks. You could experience severe symptoms immediately that could be life-threatening, or you may not experience symptoms for a few hours or days… Read more »

What Are The Worst Things You Can Say After An Erie Car Accident?

There are so many thoughts running through your mind after a car crash. Do I call the police? How severe are my injuries? What should I do now? Did I cause the accident or did the other driver cause the crash? Should I help the other driver or passengers?

A Bouncer Injured Me! Can I Sue?

There are many different types of personal injury claims that can be filed under Pennsylvania’s personal injury laws. Examples of common injury claims filed by victims include: Car Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Truck Accidents Workers’ Compensation Medical Malpractice Nursing Home Abuse Premises Liability (i.e. slip and fall accidents) Dog Bites Swimming Pool Accidents Drunk Driving Injuries… Read more »

Is Drowsy Driving A Problem For Teen Drivers?

Drowsy driving is a problem for everyone. Drowsy and fatigued driving have become one of the common reasons for motor vehicle accidents throughout the country. As we push ourselves to get more accomplished each day, sleep has become a “luxury” many people just don’t think they can afford. Unfortunately, drowsy driving can be just as… Read more »

Winter Slip And Fall Safety Tips

Winter weather is beautiful this time of year in Pennsylvania. Falling snow sets the scene for a magical holiday season. However, ice and snow can make getting around treacherous for drivers and pedestrians. As an experienced Erie personal injury attorney, I see many accident cases each year caused by winter weather. When you are out… Read more »