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What Records Do I Need to File an Accident Claim?

What Records Do I Need to File an Accident Claim?

If another party injures you, you might be entitled to compensation for your injury, financial losses, and other damages. However, you must have documentation of your losses to receive compensation for an accident claim. Therefore, it is important to keep accurate and detailed records of each expense and financial loss associated with the accident, your… Read more »

Should I Tell My Erie Personal Injury Attorney About This Personal Information?

When you are injured in an accident, the accident claim process can be overwhelming. Working with an experienced Erie accident attorney can make the process less stressful. However, you must tell your attorney everything that could potentially impact your accident claim. Below are several personal details that many people might not believe could impact an… Read more »

What Are The Worst Things You Can Say After An Erie Car Accident?

There are so many thoughts running through your mind after a car crash. Do I call the police? How severe are my injuries? What should I do now? Did I cause the accident or did the other driver cause the crash? Should I help the other driver or passengers?

Erie Road Closed Due To Flooding

The weather has been creating problems for drivers in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. From flooding in the west and the east to snow storms and icy roads, Mother Nature is creating terrible driving conditions that cause headaches and traffic accidents. GoErie reported last week that many roads throughout the Erie region were closed… Read more »

Why Do People Speed In Pennsylvania?

Do you know that driving slower saves lives? While most people know that exceeding the speed limit increases their chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, they refuse to slow down. Whether it is because they are in a hurry to get to work or make a dinner reservation, drivers often exceed the… Read more »

Mechanical Problems That Cause Car Accidents

It is extremely important to maintain your vehicle properly to avoid car accidents. A poorly maintained vehicle increases your risk of being involved in a traffic accident. The key is to stay on top of mechanical issues that can result in a crash. Examples of mechanical issues that may result in a crash include: Brakes… Read more »