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Should I hire an Erie accident lawyer for an accident that is not my fault?

Should I Hire an Erie Accident Lawyer for an Accident That is Not My Fault?

After a car accident, the insurance company for the other driver may contact you regarding your injuries. The claims adjuster might ask you if you retained an attorney. If you ask the adjuster if you need an attorney, he may say no. The answer the claims adjuster should give you is that it is your… Read more »

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Motorcycle Accident Tips for Other Drivers

In many of the blogs you read, we provide tips for motorcyclists on how to avoid accidents. However, it is equally important for other motorists to be vigilant in taking steps to avoid causing a motorcycle crash. All motorists should practice safe driving habits to reduce the risk of injuring a  motorcyclist. Seven Common Factors… Read more »

Can My Medical Records Hurt My Accident Claim?

When you are injured in a personal injury accident, your medical records will become a very important piece of evidence in your accident claim. Regardless of whether you are hurt in a traffic accident or slip and fall or the injury was caused by a defective product, you will need to submit medical records to… Read more »

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Two Bad Driving Habits That Are Putting You at Risk

Some drivers are simply worse than other drivers. They do not take the safety of others into concern when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Most drivers are very safe drivers who try to avoid accidents.  However, even the safest driver may have habits that put him or her at risk for an… Read more »