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The Dangers of Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Motorcyclists love Pennsylvania because we have some of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in the northeast. In addition to fun and exciting motorcycle routes, Pennsylvania is also host to several large motorcycle events throughout the year. Unfortunately, motorcyclists in Erie and throughout Pennsylvania face the same risks that riders face throughout the United States.  One… Read more »

Wireless Brake Lights for Motorcycle Helmets

One of the biggest dangers for motorcycle riders is not being seen by other drivers. With the increased number of distracted driving accidents across Pennsylvania, riding a motorcycle, evening during daylight hours, can be dangerous. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do to make motorists pay more attention when driving, but there are things… Read more »

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What You Should Know About Pennsylvania's Motorcycle Helmet Law

Now that the weather has finally improved and made it enjoyable to take out your bike, it is important to understand the rules and regulations associated with owning a motorcycle in Pennsylvania. Not only does following the rules minimize the chances that you’ll be able to avoid legal trouble, but it also ensures that you have… Read more »