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Parking Lot Car Accident

What to Do After You Are Injured in a Parking Lot Accident in Pennsylvania

Most individuals underestimate the potential danger associated with a car accident in a parking lot because typically vehicles are going at slower speeds. Unfortunately, however, parking lot accidents can still yield catastrophic injuries. With varying traffic patterns, unique layouts to parking lots and more pedestrians and cyclists, it is easy to see, however, why so… Read more »

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New Research Study Identifies Who Is Most at Risk for a Fatal Pedestrian Accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data associated with fatal pedestrian traffic accidents in 2015. According to the research, you can draw inferences about who might be at the highest levels of risk when walking near streets and roads. The data showed that 73% of fatal pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas while only… Read more »

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Fatal Pedestrian Crash Leads To Charges for Erie Individual

Pennsylvania Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney Unfortunately, some of the most devastating car accidents in Erie and across Pennsylvania are those involving pedestrians. This is typically because pedestrians do not have any of the safety features afforded by a modern automobile. A pedestrian who is struck unaware can sustain critical injuries and may even suffer fatal… Read more »

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Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents in Erie: Who is Responsible?

A woman in her thirties was struck in a hit and run accident on November 12 at 16th and German Streets on Erie’s east side. She suffered serious leg injuries and witnesses obtained the license plate number of the black Cadillac SUV who left the scene. A hit and run accident is regarded as highly… Read more »

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SUV Hits Meadville Man in Wheelchair

A Meadville resident was minding his own business, when he was hit by an SUV and knocked out of his wheelchair. The SUV’s front tire blew out and caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The SUV left the roadway, and struck the man in the wheelchair who was traveling in the berm… Read more »

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One Pedestrian Injured, Another Killed On Peach Street in Millcreek

Two men were walking north on Peach Street in Millcreek Township last Saturday night when they were struck by a car from behind. Initial reports indicate that the car was also traveling north, struck the two men, then veered off the roadway and dropped into Walnut Creek just south of the bridge near Kuntz Road…. Read more »