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What Is the Worst Mistake Made by Car Accident Victims in Erie, PA?

What Is the Worst Mistake Made by Car Accident Victims in Erie, PA?

If you have never been injured in a car accident, it may difficult to know whether you are making a mistake when you file an insurance claim. The insurance company is not going to tell you if you make a mistake when you file an injury claim because your mistake is likely to save the… Read more »

What Expert Witnesses Will I Need for My Car Accident Case?

What Expert Witnesses Will I Need for My Car Accident Case? Some car accident cases are fairly straightforward. The cause of the accident is clear, and the evidence supports the allegation that the other driver caused the crash. In Pennsylvania, you must prove the other driver was responsible for causing the crash to recover compensation… Read more »

Choosing the Best Workers’ Comp Doctor for You

Can I Choose My Own Doctor for a Work Injury in Pennsylvania? When you are injured at work, it is important that you seek medical care, regardless of whether your injury seems minor or severe. However, you need to understand Pennsylvania’s laws governing the choice of a workers’ comp doctor. While you have the right… Read more »

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Do You Make These Mistakes When Driving Near a Motorcycle?

Motorcyclists face many hazards on the road from poor weather conditions to dangerous road hazards. However, one of the most dangerous things a motorcyclist faces is another driver.  Other drivers post a significant threat to riders because some individuals simply do not consider motorcyclists when they are driving. Therefore, other drivers can cause serious and… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About an Erie Motorcycle Accident?

It is common to have questions after a motorcycle accident, but we want you to know you have somewhere to turn for answers. Our Erie motorcycle accident law firm handles all types of motorcycle crashes. We have the knowledge and experience required to fight insurance companies who are attempting to deny or underpay a valid… Read more »

The Dangers of Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Motorcyclists love Pennsylvania because we have some of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in the northeast. In addition to fun and exciting motorcycle routes, Pennsylvania is also host to several large motorcycle events throughout the year. Unfortunately, motorcyclists in Erie and throughout Pennsylvania face the same risks that riders face throughout the United States.  One… Read more »

What is the Value of a Brain Injury Claim in an Erie Motorcycle Accident Case?

A common question that many people ask us during their free consultation is how much money can they receive for a brain injury claim. Because we value the trust placed in us by our clients, we are honest with them when answering this question. We cannot place a value on a brain injury claim during… Read more »

Erie Motorcyclist Injured in Hit and Run Accident

According to a report by GoErie, a motorcyclist was injured in a hit-and-run accident last week in the 2500 block of State Street. The driver of a Cadillac De Ville was turning left onto State Street when he struck the motorcyclist traveling north.  The motorcyclist was thrown from his Harley-Davidson Sportster upon impact. The Cadillac’s… Read more »

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet for You

The NHTSA released its data regarding motorcycle helmet usage in 2016 earlier this year. After that, it released data regarding the costs and lives saved by the use of helmets. From the information provided, motorcycle helmets saved 1,772 lives during 2015 and saved more than $19 billion in comprehensive costs and more than $3 billion… Read more »

3 Steps to Take for Back Pain After a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can result in a variety of injuries including head trauma, broken bones, abrasions, and scarring. However, a motorcycle accident can also result in long-term back pain. The accident-related back pain can be mild to severe, and it can severely limit your ability to return to your normal daily activities, including taking care… Read more »