Six Ways To Hurt Your PA DUI Defense Case

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After being arrested for DUI in PA, or facing DUI charges, what you do now can greatly impact how your case is resolved later. Your innocence is not all that you need to prove, you also have an obligation to prove your credibility to the courts. Here are some of the DON’T DOs for you to remember after a PA DUI arrest:

ONE: Keep on Partying

Bad idea. You have a DUI hearing coming, and possibly a trial. It would be in your best interest not to be seen intoxicated in public, and we highly suggest you do not attract any added attention to yourself until after your court date(s) are over. If anyone in the courts were to find out you were ‘partying’ after your DUI, it could harm your credibility.

TWO: Drive With a Suspended License

This ties right in with your credibility aspect and whether or not the courts feel you can be trusted to do the right thing when presented with choices. Not only is this illegal, you could face a longer license suspension, increased fines and longer jail time.

THREE: Mentioning Your DUI on Social Media

Making mention of a DUI can have several negative effects on your future. First, a prospective employer could find you mentioning your lack of judgment, preventing you from an opportunity to advance. Bragging is even more heavily discouraged, as the prosecuting attorney CAN get access to your account.

FOUR: Missing Your Court Date

Show up, that’s all you have to do. If you fail to appear for your scheduled court date, you may have a warrant issued for your arrest. Worse yet, you could end up losing bond privileges – meaning you spend your time in jail. Your record will be tainted forever, and again, may have a negative reflection on your credibility and trustworthiness to the courts.

FIVE: Not Knowing Your Legal Rights

As PA DUI lawyers, we know the finer intricacies of PA DUI law. We already know what the prosecuting attorney is going to use against you & we already know how to counter it. Knowing your legal rights allows you to make an informed decision about your DUI case, that is why we explain everything to you as your case progresses. You have the final say before we act on your behalf. Always.

SIX: Not Hiring a PA DUI Lawyer

There are so many reasons why hiring a PA DUI lawyer is a good idea. Depending on your situation, you could end up saving more than you are required to pay your defense attorney to negotiate the deal on your behalf. Maybe you can handle your own DUI conviction, but do you really want to spend the time to become a very inexperienced DUI defender when you could just hire an experienced PA DUI lawyer who has does this all the time?

The biggest question you may might have right now is how do you choose the best PA DUI lawyer. If you are facing DUI charges anywhere in Pennsylvania, contact an experienced DUI defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm to protect your rights and your freedom.

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