St. Patrick's Day Begins This Weekend in Erie

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St. Patty’s Day Festivities Begin

There will plenty of places to get your green on this weekend as several Erie pubs, restaurants, theaters, taverns and bars have plans for festivities to take place over the weekend and on Tuesday. There is even a parade. We encourage you to have a fun holiday, but please be responsible when you do so.

Be Smart

As Erie PA DUI Lawyers, we see too many cases involving someone who had an easy way to avoid being charged with a DUI, but simply didn’t listen to their own common sense. You see, the first thing affected by alcohol is, your judgment. So many people have their record marred by DUI Charges – don’t let that happen to you. Be smart.

Avoiding an Erie DUI Can Be Easy

DUI Lawyer | Erie PA, Edinboro PA, Warren PA, Meadville PA, Bradford PAThe easiest way to avoid an Erie DUI is to designate a driver. Hiring a car to drive your party around for the evening is a great solution. Of course, you could always call a cab. Trust me, each of those options is a lot cheaper than facing an Erie DUI charge. Police will be out in full force for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. This would be a terrible time to be driving under the influence. If you drive drunk this weekend, odds are that you will be arrested for DUI.

What If I Am Arrested for DUI in Erie PA?

If you are unfortunate enough to be charged with a DUI in Erie, or arrested for drunk driving, the most sound legal advice I can give you is to talk to an Erie DUI Defense Attorney right away. Why should you hire an Erie DUI lawyer? Because you need to understand your legal rights in order to make an informed decision moving forward. An experienced Erie DUI lawyer may be able to help you keep your freedom, keep your driver’s license, and in some instances, keep your record clean.

Contact An Erie PA DUI Lawyer Now

If you are facing DUI Charges, you can contact and Erie DUI Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm for a free and confidential case evaluation to help you make an informed decision about hiring a PA DUI Lawyer. We have offices in Erie, PA, Edinboro, PA and Warren, PA to provide you with a local Erie DUI Lawyer.

If you are charged with a DUI in Erie or anywhere in Pennsylvania, contact an experienced Erie Pennsylvania DUI defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm to protect your rights and your freedom.

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